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At the end, we are nothing but a story. As an artist, I have always aspired to tell better stories. This led me to learn how to write, how to draw, how to animate. I started my career as a layout artist and then became a supervisor. I had the change to teach three amazing classes on how to do CG short films and now I'm now starting a new chapter as a Storyboard artist.


On the side, I learn how to improve my knowledge and make sense of my wildest thoughts so maybe, someday, they can be told as stories.

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3D Eye


Layout Supervisor

Layout Supervisor at Mainframe Studio

October 2019- November 2022

I worked on Mainframe studio in 4 different productions. I  supervised the Layout department in Barbie Interactive, Made by Maddie and an Undisclosed production. I also did some work as senior artist in Zenko go.

Teacher artist at ITESM Campus Queretaro

January 2019 - October 2021

I had 4 classes related to the creation of short films at my Alma matter in Mexico. My students produced amazing short films such Makhee, Dröm, Chocolatl and flycatcher.

Layout lead at Bardel Entertainment

August 2014 - September 2019

I had my layout career start at Dreamworks' Puss in Boots series from which I became lead artist at the very end. I went to lead Rescue Riders and finally 44 cats.

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